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Equity and debt financing advisory

Nordic Innovators Corporate Finance is your trusted partner in navigating the complex terrain of equity and debt financing. Within our advisory, we work with options covering equity and debt financing, utilising a network of private, financial and strategic investors.

Equity financing

At Nordic Innovators Corporate Finance, we understand the dynamics of raising equity financing, the potential obstacles and strategies to close a round with success. Our work involves assessing each case from the perspective of strategic fit with the investors, minimising dilution and maximising the shareholder value. Our network includes prominent names in Denmark and Norway but also outside Scandinavia to ensure the best connection and synergies.

Debt financing

For cases where equity financing is not suitable, we assist in obtaining debt capital from public and private institutions like European Investment Bank (EIB), EIFO, Innovation Norway, NEFCO, Gilion and many other. Our overview of options ensures the best match between your needs and available solutions.

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