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Corporate Venturing

Nordic Innovators Corporate Finance offers specialised Corporate Venturing services designed to bridge the gap between established corporations and the vibrant world of startups and scaleups. Our unique position, in close cooperation with our sister company Nordic Innovators, grants us access to an impressive portfolio of over 2,000 innovative clients, including top-tier early-stage startups and scaleups.

Innovation Scouting

We provide a bespoke Innovation Scouting service tailored for corporations eager to access cutting-edge innovations. Our extensive network enables us to identify and connect you with the most promising and innovative companies that align with your strategic goals.


Incubation and Accelerator Program Development

Our team specialises in designing and implementing incubation and accelerator programs for large corporates. These programs are crafted to foster innovation, accelerate growth, and create synergies between startups and established businesses.


Buy-side M&A Advisory

We offer expert advice on mergers and acquisitions, focusing on direct investments and joint ventures. Our approach is tailored to help you find the right opportunities that complement your corporate strategy and enhance your competitive edge.


Strategic Joint Ventures and Partnerships

Our expertise extends to developing and advising on strategic joint ventures and partnerships. We facilitate collaborations that leverage mutual strengths, drive innovation, and create value for all parties involved.

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